Biggest announcements from Apple WWDC 2017

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Apple WWDC 2017

Biggest announcements from Apple WWDC 2017

World Wide Developer Conference is a platform to discuss annual software and hardware releases by Apple. Tim Cook, Apple’s chief is going to reveal some major updates in forthcoming WWDC, 2017.


Anticipated Announcements at WWDC 2017


This will include release of IOS 11, speaker with personal assistant – Siri and an upgrade for its WatchOS, MacOS, TV OS, MacBooks and MacMini etc. Although it is geared up for, developers but consumers can watch it too. iMac’s will soon replace MacPro as later have not been able to fulfil the needs of the users.


Updated IOS Design


IOS App Developers have introduced dark mode feature, which will be released with IOS 11. It will enable iPhones work with organic LED and save battery as Apple watch does. Dark mode was available for TV and Macbooks only, but now, it will be made available for iphone.


Stylus Support


Safari and Mail have been updated to allow stylus to be used for annotations.


Multiuser Account Support


An improvement in iPad’s multitasking feature and simultaneously support for multiple user accounts can be seen in iPad Pro.




Apple Music has decided to take lead in developing its own original video for all its future updates.


Speakers with Siri


Speakers with inbuilt Siri will be an answer to Google Home and Amazon Echo. It will have virtual surround sound system and will function as a hub for HomeKit. Siri features can even be built into core mobile app. Cylindrical shaped Siri speakers will feature Beats Technology for playing music in playback and will be run over modified OS version.


MacOS Updates / WatchOS Updates / TV OS Updates


Apple will have to update its laptops to support the latest processors by Intel – Kaby Lake. Also, a larger version of MacBook Pro might be made available with increased storage space.


Microsoft recently launched Surface laptop in competition to Macbook Air of Apple. Apple has been selling Macbook Air at $1000 recently and sales have been rising. Apple is going to refresh its Macbook line of PC’s and might also offer new range of Macbooks as it has registered some new set of model numbers. Macbook Air, 12 inch Macbook and Macbook Pro will have an update during WWDC 2017.


Size Matters


The size of iPad pro has increased from 9.7 inches to 10.5 inch.


Updated Apple Pay


An update to Apple Pay is expected that will allow users to transfer money among iphones.


iPad Pro


Apple might offer new range of ipad pro as it has registered some new set of model numbers.


Apple TV


It is another product that will experience updates in WWDC 2017. It is expected to stream 4K content in alignment with it’s TV OS news.




These could be built in app form for Android and will help to share data and short messages.


Video sharing


Sharing of video can be made possible with IOS 11, an extension to video editing app called clips that was launched earlier this year.


Sleep Monitoring


Apple recently purchased Beddit, an app that monitors sleep patterns, respiration, snoring, humidity, bedroom temperature and heart rate. It makes it easy to learn about one’s sleep patterns.




WWDC 2017 an annual event by Apple Inc. brings forth many updations in hardware and software like Siri, Macbooks, iPads and more, for IOS app developers. Interested users can watch it on iphone, Mac, iPad, Apple TV and Windows 10. It is an attempt by Apple Inc. to showcase how some of its major platforms will evolve in coming year.


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