Everything you need to know about Watch OS 4

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Everything you need to know about Watch OS 4

Everything you need to know about Watch OS 4

You may be surprised to note that while Apple Watch seems like the latest product to hit the market in the recent years, its OS is well in its 4rth version. The recently conducted WWDC conference of Apple in San Jose in June this year, was awash with various announcements and updates, more importantly about the watch OS 4. Let’s have a quick look at what the new version is all about.


More on watch OS 4


With the new OS 4, Apple is trying to make iWatch a more personalised device for its users and has majorly focused on the features that have a strong following with its customers – namely Intelligent Display, Activity, Workout, and Music.


New Watch Faces


Watch OS 4 has three new watch faces – a Siri Watch Face, a Kaleidoscope watch faces that makes use of your photos, and a Disney theme watch face with Toy Story characters like Woody, Jessie and Buzz Lightyear. The Siri Watch Face uses the technology of Machine Learning to understand your usage patterns and preferences to better assist you. It gives reminders for events and notifications to complete a particular task cycle. The Kaleidoscope watch face uses the photos you select to create kaleidoscopic images in the dial. You will be able to create custom watch faces with your pictures in the Photo App.




Watch OS 4 aims to be a better workout partner for you with features like Quick Start, tracking you High-Intensity Interval Training, auto start and stop options when you swim, Bluetooth pairing with your workout equipment at the gym and. It also has a Quick Switch feature that automatically tracks your workout when you change from one kind of exercise to the other. Moreover, it can also automatically turn on the Do Not Disturb option as soon as you start your workout and an auto music play when you start exercising.


Activity Assistant


Watch OS 4 doubles up as an excellent Personal Assistant too by helping you set goals, motivating you to stay on track and help you achieve them. Right from Daily Inspirations to Evening or EOD goals and Monthly challenges, your newly vamped iWatch will help you do it all. Furthermore, it has cute animations for celebrating your success of all sizes.




All the playlists that you may have curated in your iTunes Music App will now get automatically synced to your Apple watch. With watch OS 4, you will be able to listen to multiple playlists and enjoy them here on your iWatch.




With watch OS 4, you will be able to make peer to peer Apple Pay payments through the New Messages App. With the help of Biometric Authentication feature, you can send and receive money directly to your friends and family.


Other Features


The update Dock Interface will allow you to vertically scroll through the recently used Apps by using the Digital Crown. There is a new News App which will send you relevant notifications as preferred by you. There is also a Heart Rate and Glucose Monitoring features that may be of interest to health freaks. The new OS 4 also supports video playback which was not possible until now. Watch OS 4 comes with video controls for playing videos. Apple has also stated that from now on third-party Apps will run faster in watch OS 4, with faster loading times and increased responsiveness.




Watch OS 4 is currently available only to developers as public beta testing is not offered this time. The release is slated to be available sometime in September-October of 2017.


The Bottom Line


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