Factors that will mold Android App Development in 2017

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Factors that will mold Android App Development in 2017

Factors that will mold Android App Development in 2017


Cloud-Based Android App Development


I am excited while writing on this point. The reason?
1.Well, cloud finally got the attention and position that it deserved in this market.
2.Small and medium-sized enterprises have gained a lot from cloud computing.
3.Because cloud offers seamless integration and multi-device synchronization of apps the whole transition has been smooth especially from a business point of view.
4.From a developer point of view, Cloud has helped them decrease the overall app development cycle, making android app development less lengthy.


Google’s Own Nougat


Android nougat has taken the world with frenzy. Everyone is talking about the smart strategy that Google has applied to the whole Software-Hardware integration.
1.The updates are timely, meaning that the device that runs will never have clock speed issue.
2.The user base of Android Nougat has drastically increased, the reason being the users who had incompatible devices are now moving towards 3.devices that run Nougat.
The retaining customer base is itching to have the new Nougat update on their compatible device.


Big Data Applications


Big data is always an integral part of the technological discussion. It’s like raw taste of coffee that you simply cannot avoid.
1. Big data will manage to be the show runner as more enterprises will be implementing big data tools.
2. In a bid to increase customer reach, many enterprises are working towards marketing their apps based on data analytics.
3. Data analytics will get more upgrades as per the industry requirements and we will see many more developments in the field of Mobile App Development.


Location Based Applications


Many apps now use the GPS feature.
1. The dependency of apps on GPS will result in the development of apps that have more accuracy with location.
2. Location-based services are already booming and users use these apps to book a cab or track their orders.
3. In 2017, many mobile app development companies will keep this feature in mind while developing apps.

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