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In simpler form we would say, IoT are the things of Internet. And in simplest form, its network of physical things, objects or devices that are connected through internet. The objects can be phones, washing machines, refrigerator, car, headphones, Home Automation Devices, etc. The basic purpose of IoT is to allow objects communicate, sense and transmits data with each other. Such interactions could also happen between human-things, things-things (machine-to-machine M2M) or human-human.

A survey from the research firm IDC says, the Worldwide IoT market will take a whooping jump to $1.7 trillion in 2020 from $655.8 billion in 2014 as huge influx of new devices and platforms are introduced everyday. IoT growing at leaps and bounds will pave the way not only for new business opportunities but also enhance efficiency as it lets your devices talk which in turn reduces manpower. With extensive use of technology, IoT allows to reach more targeted users and offers simplified business operations. Hence, in a way, IoT helps in concluding to receive simple solutions from complex problems.

The Backdoor Process:

As we briefed above about machine-to-machine communication (M2M): likewise devices talking (passing digital information) to each other, are merely an instrument or a tool; which is only brought to action through physical functions. However, when we imply about making machines ‘smart’, its not all about M2M. Its entirely about “sensors”.

Sensors are actually much different in functionalities as compare to Machines. Sensors encapsulate, measures and evaluates the information received. In-short, it collects data. The Internet of Things really blends together with the collaboration of sensors and machines.

Our Technical Potential:

Agile Architecture of IoT app development services.

Secure & Scalable IoT solutions.

Cross platform solutions across various frameworks and protocols.

Cutting edge methodologies for device connecting.

Wealth of experience in Consulting, Developing and Maintaining IoT solutions.

Enriching power of Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics

-Sit back, enjoy and see the marvel of technology through which we have achieved the superiority in inter-connecting the devices.

Integrated and Optimum services for IoT solutions

-Robust & maintainable framework built on industry standards that enhances integration & optimization between the platform and enterprise systems or applications.

Voice Enabled Technology Solutions

-We have excelled at the technology that will help your business communicate efficiently across all your connected machines and devices.

iOT app development

IoT Cloud Platform

-Delivering the comprehensive and integrated perspective on customers and services to allow free flow communication within the Internet Of Things.

Easily Maneuverable Architecture to Support Connectivity

-Build up on the platform that allows easy gateways to pass through without any interruption.

Process of Unified Functioning and Seamless Integration of IoT and Mobile Application

-We build smart software platform that identifies complex events emerging from devices, sensors and systems and drives them together in correlation.

Technologies and Equipment’s We Operate On:

Wi-Fi and WiFi direct (Communication technologies)

Connectivity – ZigBee, WI-FI, NFC, Bluetooth, Bluetooth, USB

Custom built IoT Gateways

Cloud Server and IoT Mobile App

Push Notifications – GCM, APNS, WNS

Standards – Thread, HomeKit.

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