How Mobile Apps Can Fetch Us Everyday Comforts?

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How Mobile Apps Can Fetch Us Everyday Comforts

How Mobile Apps Can Fetch Us Everyday Comforts?

Importance of Mobile Apps in Real World

With over 5 billion mobile subscribers and 88% of online population, Mobile App Development Companies have got enough room to capitalize on this latest fad cum requisite. Nowadays, people want everything on their platter and that too desperately. No one even likes to wait for a customer care representative even if current wait time is less than 1 minute. In other cases, people tend to become restless while their computer system boots. Contrariwise, mobile apps have hold off this fidgetiness from people’s minds. They have been empowered with quick solution at fingertips.

Mobile apps store almost all details in them preventing the need to reload each time user starts the application. They get updated easily in the background and user does not have to wait for it to load.


Usability of Mobile Apps

  • While it’s still not possible and feasible to store all information over internet, even in the age of 4G technology, in such scenarios Mobile Apps act as a repository for storing large volume of data like videos, documents, music, movies and graphics.
  • Advertising via mobile apps is far more effective than any other mode of advertising. People tend to forget the content on signboards / billboards but what a flash message on pocket device has an enriching experience and long lasting influence on user’s memory
  • Today around 35% of people can be reached via their mobile devices with internet. This is a vast opportunity for Business Owners, who can create budgeted advertising campaign within niche
  • Mobile Apps impart a personalized experience to users. Customized content is served to users based on their app preferences like language, theme, location etc.


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  • Mailing apps like Gmail etc. which were once considered to be a medium of business communications have shared their popularity with equally or rather more popular push and in-app notifications. Messaging apps like what’s app, snap chat, twitter push, facebook messenger etc. have become equally effective and quicker medium of informal / formal communication amongst individuals as well as groups.
  • Mobile Apps make adequate use of features of mobile device like camera, contacts, phone book, GPS, compass, location, accelerometer etc.
  • Some Mobile Apps enable a user to work offline. This is one of the primal attribute that distinguish them from websites.
  • Top Mobile App Development Companies make use of various gestures like touch, pinch, tap, hold, drag, swipe etc. to construct their Mobile Apps. It enables user-friendliness.
  • Mobile Apps makes branding easy. These have a far reaching impact than a website over internet. They can be easily employed to promote a sub-brand or category of products which becomes difficult otherwise.
  • Average time spent by users over websites is less than that over mobile apps. Needless to say that Mobile Apps are faster than websites.
  • App Development Companies create educational and informative applications for people of all age groups. Students find educational apps, gaming apps more effective. Health conscious people have training and workout apps. Homemakers and Entrepreneurs find their interest in E-commerce Applications etc.
  • Apps are even built to enable people with disabilities to learn and comprehend.



Various App development companies have been developing applications that could run on Windows and Android Platform. Top iOS App Development Companies are creating mobile friendly solutions in education, healthcare, gaming and business. These days every aspect of human liveliness is being mapped in form of a Mobile App. Skype, LinkedIn, Adobe Reader, Drop Box, Google Analytics are just amongst the few examples that carry this discussion forward. The list is endless.

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