Mobile Commerce Trends to Watch in 2017

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Mobile Commerce Trends to Watch in 2017

Mobile Commerce Trends to Watch in 2017

Revolution in Payments


Making payments from your mobile device is the most efficient way of doing the task.


Apart from being trendy it has boosted the sales of numerous online businesses that have their m-commerce app.


All these online brands have been coming up with various deals and discounts attracting the customers to make more mobile payments giving rise to the m-commerce payment in 2017.


Increasing market share of Smartphones


Mobile brands have provided plethora of smartphones having numerous features that appeal to the customers in many ways and the result is the increase in the number of smartphone users all over the world. So, one more trend is the increase in the number of smartphone users for the year 2017.


Rise of eCommerce


Smartphones are the front runner when it comes to the promotion of e-commerce.
Everyone uses Mobile devices heavily by  which in turn gives rise to e-Commerce.
And this trend will keep increasing this year too.


B2B Mobile Commerce


As per a survey carried out by International Data Group (IDG)


  • Three quarters of B2B tech buyers carried at least two mobile devices,
  • 41% of B2B tech buyers bought a product within six months after watching a mobile ad,
  • 40% sought a product in a retail store after watching an adon their mobile device, and
  • 36% clicked the mobile ad regarding a technology product.


This tells that m-commerce is not just limited to the B2C scenario and has extended its arena to the B2B segment also and it will keep up with this trend.


Mobile Commerce Apps


M-commerce app development will become challenging in near future as mobile commerce is constantly evolving through desktops, mobile browsers, and mobile applications.
Mobile devices have almost replaced desktops when it comes to e-commerce.
With the development of mobile technologies, the mobile commerce trends will keep on growing.


Mobile Image Recognition (MIR)


This technology allows users to upload picture of a product on their mobile and MIR-driven app to support comparative shopping.


Video Content


Multimedia advertisements mainly include animations and videos attracting huge user traffic making it one more technology in the rising mobile commerce trends list.


Augmented Reality Mobile Apps


Augmented Reality has given an interactive and immersive understanding to its users regarding the products they use, making the best use of wearables and smartphone features for a seamless m-commerce experience.


Near Field Communication (NFC) – Enabled Payments


NFC technologies are promoting the safest and quickest way for smartphone transactions. By utilizing the NFC features of the smartphones buyers can be done with their shopping without waiting in long queues.


Future of M-Commerce


The future of M-commerce is bright with various technological advancements that are taking place. These advancements are enriching the customer’s overall shopping experience and will continue to do so for the years to come.

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