How much does it cost to develop an e-commerce mobile app?

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How much does it cost to develop an e-commerce mobile app

How much does it cost to develop an e-commerce mobile app?

Why Have Your Own e-commerce app?

Mobile apps have proven themselves to be the apt marketing tool for every organization that wants to penetrate a large consumer base. Same applies to the retailers who want to develop their android e-commerce app and iOS e-commerce app in the era where every competitor is looking for maximum customer reach.


The traditional brick and mortar retail outlet in an area without many contenders exists in a distant history, today the population has advanced with the technology growing around them and so has the whole retail industry scenario.


The connected world has brought the world in the customer’s palm and that has given them a great power. The power to shop on the go, and they want it to develop to make their busy life a bit easy for doing something that gives them ultimate bliss, the bliss of shopping for fulfilling their personal and household needs.


The Need of E-commerce app originates because of the below mentioned factors:


A direct marketing channel: Where e-commerce apps retailers don’t have to worry about a customer not opening the email promotion or ignoring the promotional messages sent on the customer’s number.


E-commerce apps allow retailers to send offers, discounts on customized deals via push notifications.


Personalization:  By tracking the purchase patterns and the previous purchases retailers can provide personalized promotions to the customers.


Recognition of the Brand: E-commerce apps are the best tool to help build your brand. The more stylish, user friendly and interactive your app is the more customers will love to use it.


You can also upgrade it a bit by sending attractive offers and providing more features that are helpful to the users.


Accessibility: Customers carry their mobile devices with them everywhere. So it becomes more than necessary to have your e-commerce app developed on both the Android and iOS platforms as it is easily accessible.


Developing an eCommerce mobile app


The e-commerce app development cost varies depending on the:




Select the platform to develop your app based on your target audience.


It depends on the market share of the platform used by customers; iOS, Android and Windows users.

The time taken for developing app also contributes to its cost.


You also need to decide if it is going to be developed on a hybrid or native platform,native apps are the costlier one as compared to hybrid but they are far superior than hybrid ones.




Once you finalize the platform, decide on the technical specification.

Functionality adds to additional costing.


Design of an App:


Designing costs ofthe e-commerce app sums up to$2000-$30000.


Android ecommerce app can sum up to $21,000-$1,00,000 inclusive of design costs , App store registration costs, annual app store fees and many more with maximum features covered.


iOS ecommerce app may cost up to $9,000-$90,000. All these costs are for native apps.


Hybrid app development might cost you around $25,000- $1,50,000 including app screen designs, backend programming, etc.
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