5 Remarkable Ways For Your App To Stand Apart In iOS App Store Search

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5 Remarkable Ways For Your App To Stand Apart In iOS App Store Search

What a disappointment it would be, if an article or a blog or as a matter of fact a mobile app which infact is unique and awesome in itself but did not do well commercially or in popularity as it did not attract downloads? Who would you rather take into account for this failure, the content writer or blogger or the developer, respectively? Well neither of them nor the content or blog or mobile app because simply it was not equipped for optimized search results feed.


Hence, it has become an utmost necessary in iOS app development to keep your app’s search visibility ranking at an optimal level so as to help users find it easily and increase app download and in-app purchases.


Following are the 5 optimal ways to increase your app’s discoverability:


1) Select Specific Keywords


With a limitation of only 100 characters, it’s highly important to describe your app in precise. Use keywords to highlight your app’s feature & function that is unique and which your target audience might use it to search for an app like yours. You need to avoid using generic terms to eliminate traffic in order to get a higher ranking and repetition of the same words. Also improper usage of keywords and keyword stuffing is the prominent reason for App Store Rejection. Moreover, this also includes unapproved usage of trademarked terms, proper noun such as celebrity names, terms that are not related to app, competitor’s app names and/or any of offensive/inappropriate/objectionable terms all fall under this criteria.


2) Create Spellbinding App Name, Mesmeric Subtitle and Powerful Description


App name is nothing but assigning the face value to your entire “App”. Hence, the name and description that goes along plays the vital role in how users will be able to search and download your app. With a limitation of only 30 characters, we believe if chosen wisely, than its enough to have a prominent app name. Choose a simple and easy to remember name explaining what your app is all about, will do just fine. Try to exclude generic description phrases such as ‘world’s best/fastest app’, etc. However, you can always focus on the salient features of your app and try to showcase it in description in a very innovative & concise manner. After reading through description, your audience should be able to correlate with your app and at their need to download it.


3) Attributing the Correct Primary Category


Choosing a Category


Putting your app in the correct category plays an equally important role in the visibility. Hence, the best way to categorize is according to your app’s purpose, understanding your audience’s needs and finally looking up how the similar apps are classified. Again, not choosing the appropriate category will result in App-store Rejection.


4) Encourage Affirmative Ratings


Getting positive reviews is not only best for your app to get spotted in high ranking but also builds trust among other users which inturn results in more download. Create a rich and meaningful experience for users. It is advisable to draw attention to rate the app once a task or an action has been finished. Also, your product page should significantly be easy in listing features, core product information and contact details if in case user needs to connect regarding any app difficulty.


5) Boost Your In-App Purchases


Choose wise words as in-app purchase names and descriptions are limited to 30 and 45 characters respectively. Clicking on in-app purchases leads users to product page wherein they can read app’s description, view screenshots and app previews. Up to 20 total items can be put up on your product page displaying separate subscription and in-app purchases sections. Each item can have a display name, promotional image and description. You should be very specific and to the point when focusing on the benefits of your in-app purchases.

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