The Multifaceted Latest Trends and Benefits of Mobile App Development

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The Multifaceted Latest Trends and Benefits of Mobile App Development

The relevance of mobile apps has been increasing with usage of smart phones. Entertainment industry was the first to be influenced with game apps. Lately, there is hardly any sector that is untouched. Apps are recognized as a powerful tool for brand positioning. Besides brand recognition, there are other benefits of mobile apps. Let’s take a look.




Techno-heads have been smitten by the influence of mobile apps. They are busy inventing and infusing newer and better technologies in app development. These technologies have multi-faced benefits, i.e. they are consumer friendly, business booster for every sector and income source for app development company. The creators are busy attracting the customers with new inventions. Some of the latest trends in Mobile app development with benefits are listed below:


Augmented Reality


Augmented reality (AR) is a concept where computer generated videos and images are integrated with user environment. This technology was founded in early 90’s but did not gain much popularity. AR was not used evidently and app developers ignored it. Only after Pokémon go became a huge success worldwide, app developers recognized it and started using it. It has become a hot trend lately in mobile apps ecosystem.


AR is effectively utilized in retail sector. Various home decor companies have launched AR induced mobile apps. Customers can place the virtually online available furniture and sofa in their homes before purchasing. This aids them in finding out the best fitted decor for their homes and eliminates the hassles of unnecessary transportation and replacement. Similar benefit can be accessed in cloth and merchandise sector. AR in mobile apps has proved a life saver for such industry in this growing e-commerce competition. Entertainment and educational sector have also been benefited by this latest technology.


Progressive Web Apps


Progressive web apps or PWA has started to conquer the mobile apps ecosystem. Native apps have always been evaluated superior to web apps. PWAs have successfully erased the difference and companies are focused on having only one app i.e. Progressive web apps. PWAs are like native apps. They stay as icon on mobile screen, can be operated online and are very fast. The ease of download, operation and update has made it a favourite. The businesses indulging in mobile app ecosystem are saved from the efforts of dual app creation. This has very positively influenced business growth and encouraged more number of people to plunge in.


Internet of things


Internet of things or IOT is development that every company is breathing today. Different things can be connected via internet. For example, AC controls can be connected to the mobile phone with an app. The business of home appliances was becoming stagnant with only determined uses. Third parties filled the gap between new technology and old appliance. With IOT, companies manufacturing home appliances have emerged as benefiters.  They can now boost the business by creating mobile apps. These apps, with help of IOT can help connect the consumer with the appliance even from a distance. IOT is still an emerging technology with new use cases introduced every day in market.


Wearable Apps


Wearable apps filled the gap of carefree usage. With wearable apps, the user need not think twice of operating it. The required data gets recorded eventually as planned. More and more companies want to be part of the wearable eco space for its increasing popularity. Today, most of the wearable devices use cloud to store data. Cloud allows consumers to use multiple devices and platforms to use the same data. Developers and companies are striding ahead with wearable devices for the ease of memory management with cloud. It is actually the craze of wearable devices and unexpected popularity that is making the market go frenzy over creating wearable apps.




E-commerce gave the birth to m-commerce. Money transaction from mobile is the current favorite. Different mobile apps are available to make transactions cashless and instant. Medical, phone and grocery bills can be paid with just a click. The number of companies, shops and retailers associating with m-commerce apps has increased considerably. Every businessman wants to increase the business by encouraging the consumer of instant payment with offers. Cashless and instant transaction has proved to be a business enhancer for most retailers.


Mobile apps are serving as a medium to increase business and create awareness for any company. They generate curiosity in consumers and bring them closer to the business. Every business gets the opportunity to closely monitor their customers and update them of latest features and releases. The latest trends in 2017 in mobile app development are not only consumer but also business oriented. Anyone trying to survive, has to come on board and get accustomed with these latest trends.

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