Wearable Gadgets: A Convivial Companion for Safety at Workplace

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Wearable Gadgets: A Convivial Companion for Safety at Workplace

Wearable Gadgets: A Convivial Companion for Safety at Workplace

Wearable Tech alert users, by monitoring brain activity, heart rate, quantifying steps and giving spontaneous instructions for enhanced user experience.


Introduction to Wearable Tech

Accidents at workplace can be as minor as scratches and as serious as being fatal. According to a recent report by International Labor Organization (ILO), more than 2.3 million people die due to occupational diseases. One such example is Injuries that occur at workplace due to prolonged working hours or carrying of excessive load.


Can there be a device that can smartly assist us to take quick decisions and save ourselves from being overworked? Smart Electronic Wearable Devices have built in effectors. These pervade into user’s daily life by enabling objects in exchanging data via internet and comprehending it effectively to be used by humans. These are being used for both personal as well as for business use these days.


After Smartwatches and Fitness Trackers, Smart Clothing, Implantable, Smart Jewelry, Google Glass and Head Mounted Displays etc. have evolved with time. The use of Wearable Tech to sense our movements and guide us to correct our posture when required is another way of implementing latest technology and making our life easy.


Apple Watch App Development Companies promises to take the wearable tech industry in its stride and help leverage it potentially.


Effects and Causes of being Over-Worked

Workers involved in shipping and transportation of goods from one city to another have to often pull and carry heavy packets by themselves. This makes them strain their muscles which may subsequently lead to striping off posture. To combat such situations, an Australian Wearable App Development Company has evolved SmartCap system that helps in identifying fatigue by making use of Audio / Visual aids. Other similar devices like, Smart Helmets worked on a similar technology and helped senior management in communicating effectively with line workers.


Future of Wearable Tech

Most of Android Wear App Development companies are into development of software that runs directly on wearable. Till now almost 81 devices for head, 10 devices for arm, 20 devices for chest, 26 devices for torso, 14 devices for legs, 13 devices for feet and 7 devices for hand have been developed. With high entry level prices, users soon got bored. But new wave of Wearable Tech promises to be fashion friendly, efficient and accurate, permissions-based and animated, un-seamed and multi-point.


Pros and Cons of Wearable Computers

With internet connectivity, wearable devices can be worked out from anywhere conveniently. These can be embedded into clothes, jewelry or can be attached to wrist of user, like a Wristband. But these may often cause problems like headache or might not be cost effective.


Costing of Wearable

Health and Fitness Trackers – 73 GBP
Wrist Computers – 82 GBP
Smart Watches – 163 GBP
Action cameras, headsets and glasses – 220 GBP



Insecure behavior and dangerous conditions can lead to tragedies at workplace. Wearable Tech alarms user from such encountering and thus help reduce cost, motivate employees and assist employer to assume better position among investors, partners, suppliers and co-workers.

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