Having a mobile app for your business was never as important as it is now. Businesses need to keep tabs on the latest advertising trends, follow them, and work to build brand visibility. Also, there are several useful marketing channels available at the moment for brands to use, including Instagram influencers and other social media-based strategies and systems. Very few companies make use of traditional methods like television commercials or poster advertisements. However, some of the largest companies catering to clients across the world and regional businesses operating in a small area using an incredibly effective marketing solution – mobile applications.


Importance of mobile apps

In today’s day and age, almost everyone is using smartphones and tablets. According to reports released by market researchers, the total time spent on mobile applications between 2016 and 2018 increase by 50%. In concrete terms, it went up by almost 1,350 billion hours per year. This number is constantly rising, and it increased beyond all expectations when the COVID-19 was laying waste to the world in full force. Today, almost everyone wants to buy products or avail services from business companies through mobile applications. Smartphones make up the easiest niche where you can find everyone in your targeted audience. If you aren’t exploiting mobile apps for marketing purposes yet, you should do so right now. The following reasons will tell you exactly how effective mobile apps are.


1. Increasing brand awareness:

Marketers always keep their eyes and ears open to find and learn about new platforms on which they can advertise brands. At the very least, these people can use the platforms to make brand logos visible to customers. When you have a mobile app, a customer runs into your brand whenever he/she unlocks his/her phone, tablet, or any other mobile device. After all, the icon of your mobile app is right there on the screen. Even if the individual doesn’t need to open and use your app at that moment, it will remind him/her of your presence.


2. User-data collection:

Users will share valuable data generously if you provide them with a mobile app. They are much more secure than a website. There’s no need to use email marketing strategies asking users to fill up a form to become eligible for an incentive. Your application will provide enough valuable data to them, which they will consider an incentive. Naturally, it gets easier for you to collect user data that you can use to gauge their behaviour and preferences. You get to use that data when marketing your products or services in the future.

    • QuestionnairesIf users get bonuses, exclusive deals, and discounts through your application, you should consider offering these things in return for completing specific questionnaires.
    • OnboardingPresenting a small questionnaire whenever a customer registers in the app can be an effective way of collecting crucial information about him/her, such as age, preferences, etc.
    • In-app behaviourIn-app behaviour analysis is one of the most technologically advanced methods of data collection. Whenever someone purchases something or leaves a review of your products or services, you can collect data on their behaviour, examine it, and make brand development plans and marketing tactics accordingly.


3. Increasing brand loyalty:

Developing a mobile app should among your priorities because it’s the ideal tool for bolstering customer loyalty. For instance, the company Starbucks managed to build unwavering loyalty using their app that rewards the customers with free-of-charge drinks after purchasing a specific number of products through the application. In reality, hundreds and thousands of companies currently follow in the footsteps of Starbucks and win the loyalty of their clients and customers.


4. Audience increment:

If you want to increase your audience base, nothing will prove more effective than a mobile application. It will allow you to attract new customers and encourage them to check out your brand. For instance, many restaurants took the chance in the past to attract new customers by offering food delivery services in their app. Of course, it was the only way for eateries to survive the economic crunch brought forth by the pandemic. Nevertheless, this catastrophic event went in their favour. Some restaurants have more clients now than they did earlier. With food delivery services, customers can enjoy their favourite meals at home without worrying about exposure.


5. Sales increment:

If you sell your products or offer services over the internet, an application can help you improve the number of transactions you make by adding intuitiveness to the buying procedure. You probably know how effortless and convenient it is to buy products or services online. However, a mobile app doesn’t have to offer online shopping facilities to become a tool for improving sales. Additional services, such as restaurant food delivery or loyalty programs can be equally effective when it’s about encouraging customers to make purchases through the application.


The right kind of app

If you went through this write-up from the beginning, you know now why mobile apps are mandatory for business at the moment. However, you need to know what kind of business app will suit you.

  • Loyalty – Numerous customers feel that every company should reward their patrons. They believe it’s the best way for brands to interact with clients. If your customer base harbours the same thought, you should build a loyalty application.
  • EntertainmentEntertainment apps allow you to entertain your users and indulging in fun-filled tasks. For instance, the app of Coca-Cola lets users watch behind-the-scenes videos and play various games.
  • ChatbotsThese allow users to get in touch with your brand quickly as and when needed via messenger services present in the app itself. It can be extremely useful as they don’t have to download anything extra to contact you.
  • Solving routine issuesThese apps make using a specific product or service from a brand even more convenient to the user.
  • Stickers and keyboardsBranded emoji keyboards or sticker packs are examples of how your company can find its way into your users’ smartphones and other mobile devices to boost brand awareness.



In 2021, companies that aren’t tapping into everything that mobile apps have to offer are missing out on incredible opportunities. Don’t hesitate to get your app developed by a reputable and renowned app development company.

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