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Online content creators have risen exponentially in recent years. There is a huge amount of online content on YouTube and other social media platforms, such as videos, podcasts, songs, and more. However, online content creators often need help to monetize their content despite many views and subscribers.

Patreon App addresses this problem by enabling the subscribers to pay directly to their favorite content creators and making it possible for the latter to provide exclusive content to their subscribers without relying on the algorithms of the social media platforms. In a QA, Patreon CEO john Conte Apple said that the idea behind creating this app was the anomaly of creators getting millions of views on YouTube but earning way less than they deserved.

Patreon App Overview

The basic question in your mind is, what is the Patreon app? Patreon is a platform that offers online content creators to provide their content to viewers on a subscription basis. This app eliminates the need for content creators to set up their websites and payment gateways because they need to establish their personalized pages on the app to reach the viewers.

Patreon is a link between the creators and their patrons who pay to access the contents they prefer. Patreon com has more than 2 lakh registered creators and over 6 million active patrons.

what is the Patreon app

How does Patreon App work?

The obvious query after getting an idea about the Patreon app is how to use the Patreon app. The answer to this question is in the context of the creators and the patrons.

As a creator, you must create your page on the Patreon app. To this end, you need to log in after getting registered or use your Google or Facebook account to log in. Afterward, you must go to the Section for creators and select the category under which your contents come. Provide the information sought from you to complete the process. Upload your content on your personalized page and get paid by your subscribers. The creators can offer perks to their followers on social media platforms, such as access to exclusive episodes, stories, photographs, or any other type of content by subscribing to their Patreon pages.

For patrons, the simple model is to pay for what you like. You can join the community of your favorite content creator and search for more content creators across genres. Depending on the plan chosen, you can either pay a monthly subscription fee or per release of your subscribed creator/creators. Patrons can pay as low as $1 per release and can upgrade their memberships as well. Canceling membership is also very easy.

Functions of the Patreon App

If you are wondering what the Patreon app is used for, then some points about the functions of this app need to be considered.

Patreon provides a common platform for all kinds of content creators across genres and levels of followings to monetize their content. The income a content creator earns from the app depends upon the type of content, membership tier fees, audience size, perks offered to the patrons, and content marketing to get new subscribers.

There are multiple tiers of membership apart from the basic membership. Patrons are free to subscribe to as many creators as they desire. The patrons also have the choice to pay on a monthly or per-release basis and choose the kind of membership.

Patreon is not simply a platform for connecting creators and patrons and enabling the former to monetize their content. It also offers many tools and functionalities to help the creators make better content and generate more income.

10% of the revenues earned by the creators through the Patreon app are charged by the platform. Specifically, the app charges a 5% platform fee and a 5% processing fee from the creators.

Features of the Patreon App

Features of the Patreon App

  • A plethora of categories for content, such as writing, games, journalism, music, podcast, animation and illustration, photography, games, software, and more, are present. A creator can choose up to 2 categories.
  • The creator is given the option to include nudity in their work by clicking the corresponding button.
  • The app offers 14 currencies for payouts. The creator must pick a certain currency in which the payments are required.
  • A minimum of one social media account must be linked to the Patreon page. This also enables the creator to make a custom URL for his/her page.
  • Each account is required to have a cover photo and a profile photo.
  • The about Section of the profile contains an introduction and other information the creator wants to add.
  • Live streaming, screen sharing, live polls, and earnings report are available on the platform.
  • Multiple options of customizable tiers based on benefits for the patrons and varying amounts to be paid by the subscribers are given.
  • The option of customized merchandise such as mugs, bags, stickers, and more for exclusive subscribers is present. Patreon handles the production, shipping, tracking, and support for a fee.
  • Payment schedule with loan, such as monthly or per content, and the payment method has to be selected by the creator.
  • It can be downloaded on both Android and iOS devices.

How much does it cost to develop a Patreon-like app?

The cost of developing an app like Patreon can be between $15,000-$35,000. The cost depends upon a number of factors, such as the expertise of the development company and the types of features integrated into it.

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