Gaming Industry By Web3 Gaming
Publish on 12 Oct 2022

Revamping The Gaming Industry By Web3 Gaming

Web3 Gaming is one realm that has been the hot favorite of people. It all started with the physical games, and then the focus shifted toward the PC games. The first time when people enjoyed and started showing interest in the electronic game format was video games. With constant upgradation, there has been the emergence of a wide variety of games, such as PC console games. 

The advancement in technologies led to a drastic increase in mobile games. These games are available on both android and iOs platforms. The game industry is in full swing and only showing signs of enhancement. Blockchain and web 3 are ultra-modern technologies initiated with the fabulous chain of games. The most in-demand web3 gaming platform, play-to-earn, and various entrepreneurs/gaming developers are looking forward to developing a platform like this.

If you are also looking to develop a gaming platform like this, take help from a top-notch Web3 Game Development company and begin your game development journey.

What Are Play-to-Earn Web3 Games?

From the name itself, the P2E games signify earning via playing. It differs a lot from traditional gaming. In the conventional one, the gaming model is closed, whereas the P2E has an open web3 gaming model. The biggest advantage is the ownership of the assets.

If we compare P2E and traditional gaming, several points make the former a better option.

Let’s check out ;

Traditional gaming does not possess a mesmerizing look. In terms of graphics, the entire look is not that appealing. They are just for playing and do not provide any additional assets. There are no more alternatives as far as the quality, storyline, and characters are concerned.

The P2E games have great storylines, and characters are made with modern technologies. The characters are avatars crafted with 3D technology and AR/VR. Virtual reality is responsible for giving an appealing appearance to digital items. The players can play the games in real-time. 

All this is possible because of the implementation of cutting-edge technologies that have the potential to capture the attraction of players. The ones who are not avid players are also interested in playing. More than anything else, an immersive experience is created that optimizes user engagement. Along with fetching new players, it also has the potential to retain the older ones. Therefore, the web3 gaming experience needs to be of top quality.

Benefits of the P2E games

There is absolutely no way around the quality of the games, and this feature ultimately adds up to make the web3 gaming domain the best. There are several reasons behind that, and specifically, P2E has the capability to change the gaming scene in the best possible way.

Below are some of the benefits of the play to earn web3 gaming. 

Game Quality

The quality of the game plays an essential role in creating a playful experience for the players. The visual effects play a pivotal role in capturing the users’ interest. The first thing that creates an impressive impact on the user’s mind is the quality of the theweb3 gaming ecosystem. 

The functionalities and the high-class features come under this attribute. Even the storylines are created in a way that engages the player’s attention, and they look forward to playing the game to decipher what lies in the next stage. This is a wonderful way to make them think about what lies ahead.

Asset ownership

Ownership of assets adds excellency to the gaming platform. The assets include characters, props(like swords), characters, land, weapons, etc. These characteristics were not present in conventional gaming, but P2E games have added features to lure users.

It gives them the authority to players to have complete control of the assets. The assets generated by the gaming companies are the owners, the developers, and the players participating in the gaming platform. So, it’s up to the users to either keep the assets themselves or sell them in the NFT marketplace.

In-Game Currency

It’s known that the in-game currency, in the form of tokens, is provided to the players. These are used to obtain all the essential items but are only restricted to the web3 gaming ecosystem. They do not have any relevance outside that environment. 

On the contrary, the Play-to-earn games utilize the in-game currency inside and outside the web3 gaming world. Due to this feature, the platform can launch a cryptocurrency used to buy items. It has its advantage because it can be traded (buy/sell) freely on the opensea marketplace.

This is a significant revenue source as the tokens are bought via real currency. This is due to the microtransactions that act as an aid for the ample amount of revenue. This is the most effective form of the fundraising process where currency/coin is launched. There is also the scope for the creators to represent their creative idea in the public domain and follows the coin offering to the investors that respond early, also denoted as an initial coin offering (ICO).

There is absolutely no way around the quality of the games; this feature ultimately adds up to make the gaming domain the best. There are several reasons behind that, and specifically, P2E has the capability to change the gaming scenario. 

‍Gameplay Planning and Decision-Making

Decentralization is fundamental to blockchain technology. The game developers are currently in control of only a small number of decisions and the general direction of the games. Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) have been incorporated into the framework of play-to-earn games. This will allow the players to voice their opinions about the game’s direction and recommend changes.

On the contrary, today’s developers frequently make decisions based on maximizing revenue. Such organizations make decisions based on the taste of those in that community.

 P2E  Web3 Game Development Cost

There is no fixed amount set for the P2E games; it entirely depends upon the geographical location of the development team. It usually costs upto $50k- $200 k. The cost is proportional to the customization that needs to be implemented, including the in-game features. So, discussing the attributes and prices with the gaming company is pivotal to move further with the game development. Have a complete outlook at P2E  Game Development Cost here.

After having an outlook on P2E games, it’s time to peek into the web 3 game development process;

Web3 Games From The Beginning

There are professionals that assist in creating a superb game from scratch if your internal team lacks the skills to realize an excellent game idea. A set of full-cycle development services that supports overcoming any difficulties.

Wallet implementation

A wallet is required in case of a single payment option or complete user access to all payment systems. Various required wallet options are available based on the preferences that ensure a fantastic gaming experience.

Construction of a tradable in-game asset

After implementing the wallets, there is a library of in-game items with simple trade capabilities to entice the players.

After-release assistance

After the game has been developed, the top-notch game development

Companies help users keep up with the updates and solve problems.

Web 3  Game Development Process

Unique thinking: Web3 gaming development journey is a complex journey. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea. As it’s understood, web 3 games are more than usual and require adequate time and effort to create such a meaningful game. Creating a game like this includes all the aspects like planning, designing, creation, distribution, and maintenance. 

Deep market research: One must perform thorough market research before creating a Web3 game. It encompasses an entire analysis of the user interface, technology, user base, and even the reviews and ratings of similar games. It’s essential to check for any weak areas in the opponents’ games. So, make changes accordingly to have the edge over the competitor. Therefore, looking out for competitors is necessary before taking any drastic steps.

Budget creation: Setting up a budget is important if anyone wants to develop Web3 games. The game’s budget can be split into two categories: 

One-time costs include all the expenses related to the production and launch of the game. 

Recurring costs: These include all the costs linked with the game upkeep, any improvements, marketing, insurance, salaries, taxes, rent, and a couple of other things. 

It’s crucial to be completely honest with the gaming community. Whatever changes or anything new is required depends on the environment we reside in. Therefore, one must establish the community before constructing the game. Also, try to be sincere with your community after establishing a big one. 

Bottom line!!

P2E and web3 games have created a revolution in the virtual web3 gaming market. Web 3 technology has supported various game enterprises and allowed players and developers to build a world that creates magic. It’s even necessary to have gaming models that are sustainable in nature. This results in making the gaming experience mesmerizing and immersive.

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