The Ultimate Guide To Develop Just Eat – Food Delivery App in the UK

How Much Will It Cost You To Develop A Clone App Of Just Eat

The idea of ordering food and delivering the same via mobile apps changed the way restaurants operate and cater to their customers. Undoubtedly, you’ll encounter numerous mobile apps while browsing. However, one of them stands out for its brilliance, and it’s none other than Just Eat. Developers in Denmark created this app and laid the foundation of a powerful business, but it soon became one of the best food takeaway apps across the UK and the rest of Europe. On-demand food ordering apps like this one allow people to order their favourite dishes from the comfort of their home or office conveniently.

Based on what market researchers have to say, Just Eat worked with around 105,000 different restaurants in more than 13 nations. Also, the brand has around 26.3 million users, as of 2018. This takeaway delivery app earned gross revenue of £779.5 million in 2018. There’s another report that says by 2023, this online food delivery system will reach a user penetration of 11%. Also, the revenue will show an annual growth rate of 8.6% based on the CAGR of 2019-2023. As a result, the market volume of Just Eat will go up to $74,643 million by 2023. These numbers didn’t escape the eyes of informed and inquisitive food entrepreneurs. That’s why they started investing in building clones of the Just Eat application. Such an approach will surely increase profit levels and customer base in the future.

It doesn’t matter whether a third-party delivery service provider operates it or the restaurants themselves. This online takeaway ordering platform altered the overall food delivery service experience for both providers and customers. Restaurant owners that have been utilizing food delivery software solutions agree that it can generate sales and incredible results. Understandably, it led entrepreneurs to launch their Just Eat clone apps to increase profits and provide better customer services.

The features

When it comes to building a clone of Just Eat, you have to know about the features you have to incorporate into your food delivery solution.

1. The app for customers
Booking orders online – Customers should be able to place orders easily from the items listed in the food pickup application. They should also get a chance to choose between taking a takeaway and opting for home delivery based on their preferences.

Tracking orders in real-time – Customers should be able to track their orders via real-time location tracking systems to see where the delivery agent is at any given moment after placing an order.

Notifications – Just like every other mobile application, a food delivery solution like Just Eat should notify customers via notifications about the latest discounts, gift coupons, special menus, app updates, happy hours, etc.

Several payment options – Customers need several payment options so that they can choose the one they feel comfortable with. By incorporating different payment systems, you help your patrons, as well as your business. You can add anything from net banking, credit/debit cards, e-wallets, to cash-on-delivery.

Feedback and rating – Finally, you need to give your customers an opportunity to share his/her experience in the form of feedback/comments about the services you provide and the food.

2. The app for delivery personnel
Tool to update delivery status – The delivery agent needs something to update order statuses in the app soon after receiving the digital signature of a customer.

Setting up accounts – Delivery agents have to be able to update their profiles by adding info, such as name, contact number, email address, profile picture, etc.

Tracking the shortest routes – When it comes to delivering food, delivery personnel need to traverse the shortest possible routes to ensure the meal reaches the customer while it’s hot. An integrated map feature in the app for the delivery agents will help all of them choose the shortest route while avoiding heavy traffic to deliver the food on time.

Ratings and feedback – This feature will allow a delivery agent to inspect reviews and comments submitted by customers.

3. The app for vendors/restaurants
Managing products and expenses – Vendors should be able to add, delete, or edit food items on their menus, apart from the prices. Vendors should also get a chance to inform customers about special offers on particular items based on their convenience.

Order tracking in real-time – Just like the customers, vendors and restaurant owners need real-time ordering tracking facilities. With such a feature at their disposal, vendors can locate dispatched orders along with the location of the delivery agent assigned for the task.

Notifications – Indeed, vendors need notifications just as much as customers. This feature will let vendors send information about the latest offers, promotional coupons, and more to customers in the form of notifications.

Report generation – Vendors need report generation systems to come up with insightful reports to contemplate total sales, costs, and other relevant figures to make customer services more effective.

Managing customers – This feature will allow vendors to examine every profile of every customer, their order histories, and favorites list to understand customer preferences and behavior.

4. The app for admin
Managing costs and product lists – The admin has to be able to add or delete products from the list present in the app with ease. The admin should also be able to manipulate information on the items present on the menu, their prices, categories, and availability.

Managing customers – The admin requires a customer management system, just like the vendors/restaurants. He/she should be able to review customer profiles whenever needed and inform them about discounts, ongoing offers, etc.

Fleet tracking in real-time – The admin should be able to keep track of the location of every delivery agent in real-time. He/she should also get the opportunity to check the delivery agent’s preferred routes to make timely deliveries.

Several payment options – The admin needs several payment options so that he/she can collect payments made by customers with ease.

Analytics – The admin has to go through business analytics to understand sales projections, profits, losses, and business expenses. This feature is crucial to the admin to get a clear picture and take action to introduce changes and improve things whenever needed.

Final words

As you can see, a lot of work lies ahead of you in your venture to create a clone of Just Eat. According to app developers, building such an app will cost somewhere between $4,000 and $10,000. However, if you want a detailed estimation, you need to get in touch with an app development agency with expertise in developing food delivery mobile solutions. Also, the cost of developing such an app depends on the development agency that’ll work on the project. You should take your time to choose the right on-demand mobile app development organization.

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