Regardless of the industry you serve, a perfect organization is crucial to efficiency. You need visibility to know who owns a specific project, whether it’s on track or not, if you can meet the deadline and budget or not, and the pain points existing within the project. These pointers make all the difference in the team overseeing the job. Project management software solutions can be a lifesaver for both small and large companies. With one such program, those in charge of a project can keep tabs on everything associated with the business. Today, you can choose from several software programs, but you need the best. In that regard, you may explore the following.


  • Asana:

    This program lets users integrate more than one hundred apps into its software. As a result, the teams get to use every facility through one solution, including emails, tickets, and other mission-critical files. You can sync Trello, Google Drive, Microsoft Office 365, MailChimp, Dropbox, Gmail, and many other apps with Asana. Users recommend relying on Asana for its easy-to-use interface, which simplifies the monitoring of the work of the team members.


  • ProProfs Project:

    This one is a relatively simple project management software solution that has been enabling businesses and individuals to track and manage their jobs and sub-jobs proficiently. It’s a task management tool that can aid teams when they plan a project and attempt to deliver it on time. You will also get access to Gantt Charts, lists, calendars, and Kanban. Additionally, it can help you track which employee is working on which project, and the number of team members associated with the completion of a project or job through one dashboard. This dashboard lets project managers recognize whether resources are dwindling or not. It even supports collaboration across multiple teams through notifications for file-sharing or commenting activities. This feature-ridden product is perfectly affordable, with prices starting as low as $2 per user per month.


  • Teamwork Projects:

    This one provides several tools to users with which they can handle every aspect of every project from the beginning to the end. Apart from assigning tasks, Teamwork Projects provides a few extra features, such as task prioritization, time tracking, real-time messengers, multiple assigning options, helpdesk, Gantt Charts, and data importing. Your employees can restart their work on a project precisely from the point they stopped last time. This solution is full-to-the-brim with features, including time-tracking and creating recurring jobs.


  • Airtable:

    Every business owner adores spreadsheets because he/she knows how easy it is to organize information on one of them. The creators of Airtable acknowledge it, and so they designed a project management software solution that combines spreadsheets with databases. This program allows seamless organization and cooperation with easy-to-edit real-world challenges. Even the spreadsheets offer the option to incorporate media attachments against every entry. In a way, the software solution gives the user a visual way of data organization.

For Customer Relationship Management

Just like a project management system, you’ll need a customer relationship management solution, particularly if you run a small business. In reality, savvy business owners across the world believe that investing in a CRM software program will prove valuable to both customers and employees. It offers a simplified way with which you can serve your people. Your employees can manage daily customer interactions with it easily while providing incredible customer experience. The ultimate objective of using a CRM solution is to make your workers happy, and when they feel contended, they deliver superb customer experiences. These CRM solutions deserve your attention.



    Once your business starts to grow, your technology-related requirements begin to change. In that regard, ZOHO is the best solution because it can handle your growth. The free-to-use CRM of ZOHO gives you an affordably incremental upgrade path, along with access to an entire suite of other business applications. ZOHO can offer you an app for just about everything, whether finance, marketing, HR, e-commerce, or anything else.


  • Bitrix24:

    This one can support an unlimited number of users and contacts. While other CRM solutions included in this list can provide this feature, Bitrix24 has other specialities that no other software program possesses. Besides managing contacts and deals, this app goals about having team cooperation tools, such as chat, workgroups, polls, and internal activity streams. Once you start using it, you may feel a bit overwhelmed because of everything it has to offer. However, you may consider hiding, deleting, and changing the order of the menu items.


  • Insightly:

    Insightly is one CRM solution with which you can monitor sales, as well as project management tasks. This platform handles both requirements perfectly, even with the “free plan,” which lets two users. Therefore, if you and your partner have to manage both projects and relationships, this solution can provide you with what you need to start and grow. While learning to use Insightly, you should begin with the options you’ll notice on the navigation bar on the left.


  • HubSpot CRM:

    Many business owners use several apps within their company. If you’re one of them, you’ll need a CRM with which you can integrate other applications you rely on, and HubSpot CRM does it better than the rest. It’s a gargantuan app marketplace with over 600 integrations available in various levels of the plans offered. The CRM system has a free-to-use plan that you can choose, along with over 150 apps in different categories, such as finance, e-commerce, analytics, events, customer success, project management, and more. The best thing about HubSpot CRM is that it can provide free editions of all these applications. As such, you get to reap the benefits of enhanced accessibility for your small business with its limited resources.



Using CRM and project management software solutions is trending these days, and for all the right reasons. They allow you to run your business with much more efficiency. You should start exploring the apps described here and choose the ones that seem perfect for your business. Every software program you learned about here can cater to every aspect of project management and customer relationship management.

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