What Makes A Fashion App Like SHEIN So Popular

What Makes A Fashion App Like SHEIN So Popular?

At the moment, smartphones occupy the top spot on the rundown of things an individual won’t step outside his/her home without. People use smartphones everywhere for just about everything. This handheld device is like the best friend a person can have at his/her side. Smartphones assist you in finishing various errands throughout the day, whether it’s about communicating with friends or family, overseeing funds, discovering routes, ordering food, hiring taxis, and, of course, shopping.

Undoubtedly, during this year’s holiday season, just as it has been the scenario for the last few years, shopping apps will be at the top in terms of revenue, exclusive deals, and visitors. Online shopping applications designed specifically for women are usually always at the peak. After all, the presence of these apps makes things convenient for commoners. They won’t have to drive all the way to a brick-and-mortar clothing store to buy garments and accessories. They can do it while sitting at home via their smartphone.

The numbers

From 2014 to 2021, the online retail business field experienced gargantuan changes. Based on reports generated by market researchers, the sales of retail internet fashion businesses added up to $2.3 trillion back in 2017. Furthermore, they have evidence to claim that by 2021, the online fashion industry will generate at least $4.88 trillion.

As you’re planning to build an application like SHEIN, you’re probably aware of how lucrative an online fashion business can be, even if you didn’t know the exact numbers elucidated above. Indeed, when it comes to online fashion apps, it will be a mistake to avoid SHEIN. It’s a moderate online platform designed specifically to cater to the sartorial preferences, requirements, and desires of women. It also offers men’s clothing, accessories, children’s garments, and shoes for everyone.

This topic deserves your attention, particularly because you wish to develop a clone of SHEIN. Keep reading to find out what features your app should possess and how much it may cost you to get such an application developed.


So, what’s so special about this SHEIN fashion application? It’s an online fashion shopping platform designed and released as an international B2C e-commerce platform. While this application focuses primarily on women’s fashion, it does offer men’s and children’s clothing too. Customers can also purchase accessories, such as shoes, bags, and other products.


The main target audience of SHEIN is in America, Europe, Australia, and the Middle East. It also has numerous users in some parts of Asia. This platform came into existence back in October 2008. Since then, it has been a customer favourite, particularly among fashion enthusiasts. The ultimate objective of the creators of SHEIN is to let everyone enjoy being fashionable by making excellent products available for purchase at affordable prices. They also managed to expand their business to over two hundred and twenty regions across the world.


The SHEIN platform is a pocket-friendly fashion destination where an individual can find the latest and trendy fashionable clothing. This app features numerous products for women, somewhere around twenty thousand styles of dress, swimwear, blouses, t-shirts, gowns, and everything else. According to one group of market researchers, the app ranks twenty-fifth with more than fifty million downloads to boast of. Another group claims that SHEIN holds the twelfth spot in the shopping category in the history of online shopping platforms, and is at the one hundred and thirty-fourth position in the overall app ranking.

The features

As already mentioned earlier, if you’re going to invest in the development of an app like SHEIN, you have to know about the features it has. Your clone app should also have the same and more if possible.

1. Logging in and searching

Several factors will dictate the success of a shopping application, and one of those factors incorporates the features you add. Every user will explore the features possessed by an app before choosing to use it on a long-term basis. To that end, you must provide your users with a user-friendly logging system to make their experience as seamless as possible. If the login process is too tricky, your users may simply drop the idea of exploring your app and move on to something else that’s simpler. You also have to incorporate a product searching option. It will be the heart and soul of the application. When it comes to building an online shopping app like SHEIN, or any other internet-based shopping platform for that matter, nobody can afford to trifle with the search feature. This system has to be fast enough so that a user doesn’t have to wait too long to see the results of the keywords entered.


2. Adding to cart, checking out, and shipping

There are several other crucial features that you must consider adding to your SHEIN clone application. For instance, your app needs a shopping cart for a customer to choose products and add to it. In doing so, the shopping cart will display the total cost incurred by the buyer. After that, you need a checkout feature, which has to be seamless enough for a customer to finalize the purchasing process as fast as possible. Your task won’t end here. You still need a shipping feature. Since you will be catering to the needs of your customers online, they’ll expect you to deliver whatever they purchase to their doorstep. When it’s about providing a user with an incredible shopping experience, you have to acknowledge the fact that every user will explore every feature of your business, as well as your application.


3. Integrating payment gateways

Online payment gateways are a must-have for every shopping platform, just like the features described above. An online shopping app is incomplete without payment gateway integration. It’s one of the most important features that will be beneficial to a customer and the business owner. If you can offer multiple payment options, it will be easier for you to get paid against the products you sell. Furthermore, it will make things simpler for the customer. For instance, if a buyer prefers online payment systems, you have to provide internet banking or credit/debit card payment processes. Just make sure that the payment gateways you incorporate into the app are secure enough.


4. Customer support and push notifications

Technical systems may experience unexpected disruptions at any moment. Naturally, there’s no way to predict when things will go wrong. That’s why you need a customer support team in place that will handle the queries of a customer as soon as he/she contacts your team. It will ensure that your buyer doesn’t have to resort to other parties to solve problems. Through this feature, you can also display your dedication to your business and care for your customers. If possible, you should consider adding a chatbot, as well as a group of customer service providers in place. Push notifications can also come in handy during such situations. You can keep your patrons updated about the latest products, special offers, discounts, happy hours, and more by sending push notifications.

Final words

Now that you know what you must do to build an application like SHEIN, you should start searching for app development agencies. Usually, the cost of a SHEIN clone may cost somewhere between $15,000 and $30,000, depending on the features you add to the application. The cost can also increase or decrease based on the development agencies. Don’t forget to research service providers before choosing one. Some companies are better than others in building online fashion stores.

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