BS7858 Staff Vetting Solutions

With the increasing rate of crimes and fraud, companies today are in greater need of strict safety precautions. There are many ways to ensure protection for organizational protections and staff vetting through workforce management software is one of them. Thus, Staff vetting solutions are used by businesses of all sizes, from small start-ups to multinational corporations. They can be used for recruitment, selection, and training purposes as well as for employee reviews and performance management.

The standard was first published in October 2017 and has been updated several times since then. BS7858 defines a secure business, describes the requirements for securing information technology systems and services, and sets out guidance on how to implement these requirements.

Moreover, businesses use BS7858 staff vetting solutions to provide a secure and reliable service to their customers and to fulfill their own staff vetting needs. Additionally, these solutions are used by corporations to enhance the quality of their staff through background checks or reference checks on applicants before they join the organization. These solutions also ensure that their employees are fit for the role.

Thus, screening staff to BS7858 allows corporations to assure their clients, workers, supervisors, and managers that they have taken all the measures to decrease the chances of data breaches and ensures to hire individuals who are not capable of handling sensitive, confidential, and private information.

In this article, we’ll discuss in detail

Why businesses must use BS7858 staff vetting solutions:

1. Increased Credibility

Businesses need the highest quality staff to work for them, but there are many challenges when it comes to hiring and vetting people for positions. With the rise of online applications, some businesses have resorted to using a paper-based application process. This can be time-consuming and costly as well as cumbersome when it comes to filling out forms that need to be signed by multiple parties. The good news is that there are now various workforce management software solutions available that make it easier for companies to manage their employee screening processes.

One such solution is business staff vetting solutions (BS7858), which was introduced by BS7858 in 2011 and has since become the industry standard for verifying employees’ identities, backgrounds, and references. The software has been adopted by numerous organizations across the country because it helps them streamline their hiring process and minimize risks associated with hiring new employees who may not have accurate information about their background or previous employer(s).

2. Mitigate Employee Risk

Virtually every industry and the economic sector has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and depending on the geographical region, this has made it more difficult (on various levels) to undertake adequate and thorough background screening investigations. The nationwide lockdowns in the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates forced administrators to close businesses and send employees home. For the first time, many people must learn how to manage those who work remotely or from home. With the use of WFH, the earlier worries regarding productivity, privacy, and safeguarding confidential information only grew worse. They emphasized the critical significance of background checks and pre-employment investigations. A complete solution is provided by BS 7858:2019: the revised standard for screening personnel working in secure environments.

Utilizing widely accepted techniques that center on risk assessment and top-down management involvement in the company’s employment policies and practices, organizations can use the revised BS7858 staff vetting standard to show their commitment to safeguarding their businesses, employees, customers, and information. Organizations can demonstrate that they value employing people with integrity by developing rules and procedures based on the standard. Then, organizations can assign employees duties intended to protect their coworkers, clients, and information from the adversarial forces that have grown more widespread in today’s dynamic COVID-19 environment.

3. Maximum Security

The objective of staff vetting is to ensure that all staff is known, vetted, and trusted by the business. This involves checking the background of each employee against a set of criteria. These can include educational qualifications, employment history, and whether they have ever been involved with financial crime or other issues that could be detrimental to the organization’s reputation.

The process involves checking with various government departments, such as the police and local authority records. The information is then cross-referenced with information held by the company itself and any other sources that may be relevant, such as bank statements and credit card statements. This allows you to effectively manage your risk profile within your business.

In addition to this, businesses must monitor their employees’ online activity using tools such as Facebook and Twitter so that they can identify potential risks quickly before anything goes wrong.

Thus, to ensure that your employees are up to date with their security training, you need to use BS7858 staff vetting solutions. This makes sure that your staff is trained and compliant with the latest security standards. Moreover, there are many other security aids gained by BS7858 staff vetting solutions using workforce management software:

  • Increased employee confidence by providing complete peace of mind
  • A reduction in cyberattacks by making sure that your employees are as secure as possible
  • A boost to productivity as employees will be more focused on their work instead of worrying about security breaches
  • A cost-effective solution with affordable pricing options available from partners

4. Compliance

Employing BS7858 staff vetting helps shield the business from legal responsibility. You might be responsible for a staff member’s behavior in the event of an incident at work. If it is found that the employee was not thoroughly vetted, your business probably faces harsh penalties. The simplest approach to prevent such occurrences is to make sure that the workforce you hire has undergone BS7858-compliant background checks.

Thus, this procedure provides you with optimal legal cover. It allows companies to comply with all the rules and regulations set by relevant authorities. This compliance saves organizations from a lot of legal complications and law suites in case of any emergency. Besides, the clients also feel secure and satisfied if all the legal requirements are fully met.

5. Data Protection

The use of the BS7858 staff vetting is mandatory for businesses with more than 250 employees. The system is designed to protect your business from cyber-attacks, data leaks, and data loss. Hence, it ensures that no one can access your files and documents without your permission. You can also monitor all activities on your network including the web browsing history, email communications, and chat sessions.

One of the requirements of BS7858 is that businesses must use BS7858 staff vetting solutions for maximum data protection. This includes:

  • auditing staff access rights and vetting them against the relevant lists;
  • identifying who has access to sensitive data;
  • assessing whether any third-party suppliers can access such information;
  • encouraging staff not to bring any devices into work that they do not need

Hence, staff vetting solutions are essential for any business that handles sensitive information. The reason is simple: the wrong person can cause a lot of damage and damage your reputation in a matter of moments.


In short, if you’re a business leader, it’s easy to see why organizations need to ensure that their staff is vetted. It’s important that you have the right policies and procedures in place to ensure you don’t end up with someone with serious criminal convictions or a history of violence.

Businesses are increasingly adopting the use of staff vetting solutions to ensure that they have the right people in place. This is because the right individuals can make or break the success of any business.

Hence, the BS7858 staff vetting helps you establish the right image and perception of your company with the public, potential investors, and customers by providing a professional solution for this purpose.

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