Women Empowering In The UK
Publish on 04 Jun 2021

Women Empowering In The UK: Today & Tomorrow

Learn The Importance Of Woman Empowerment

Over the last few decades, there has been a lot of talk about woman empowerment all over the world. Events like the “Me Too” movement are a sign that women are stepping up and they won’t be the victims of a patriarchal society anymore. They’re on their way to gaining confidence, self-worth, and freedom to choose what they want. There’s no rational explanation as to why anyone would differentiate people based on gender. Nevertheless, women have to remain satisfied in the kitchen, suffer harassment at workplaces, get paid less than their male counterparts, and whatnot. Women empowerment is crucial at the moment to overcome these situations and let the females play an independent role in society. The real culprit is, of course, the patriarchal mindset. Until humanity gets rid of it, woman empowerment measures will be in vain.

Women have a fundamental right to empowerment. They need equal rights to participate in education, politics, economics, and society as a whole. They must receive higher education and enjoy the same treatment as men. This topic will tell you about the importance of woman empowerment. Everyone should take a moment to go through this write-up.

Solving unemployment

Unemployment is probably one of the common problems witnessed in developing societies. However, the same doesn’t apply to a country like the UK. It’s a thoroughly developed nation and one of the most powerful ones too. Even then, a lot of women in the UK have to put up with unemployment and unequal distribution of wages at workplaces. Researchers have evidence to prove that half of the entire world population consists of women. At the moment, woman empowerment seems to be the only way to eradicate unequal opportunities and unemployment. Women are equal to men in every possible way. In some cases, they may even perform better. If an employer chooses to avoid hiring women, he fails to bolster his organization by leveraging the strength and potential of those women.


No one can say what someone is capable of just by looking at them. Unfortunately, women in almost every part of the world have to put up with this nonsensical concept, even in developed countries like the UK. If you look at a woman and think she’d be incapable of a specific task because of her gender, you not only showcase your filthy mentality but also prove how unnaturally biased you are. The only way to gauge an individual’s personality is to provide the person with a problem and see how he/she approaches to solve it. In today’s day and age, almost every educated woman can solve even the toughest technical problems. They simply need a chance to prove themselves, which they don’t get from patriarchal people. In such situations, women’s empowerment comes to their rescue. If the government enforces laws on employers that they must screen every female job applicant appropriately, he has to adhere to it. Once the female applicant proves her capabilities, the employer won’t have any other option but to hire her. It may sound crass, but what other solution can women resort to? Of course, educating the masses may prove worthwhile, but only if the audience is open-minded enough to listen, contemplate, and ruminate on the importance of maintaining equality in rights and opportunities.

Talent analysis

No matter how many times you run into this statement in this write-up, it’s still worth mentioning – woman empowerment is the need of the hour. While it may not happen in the UK, parents in some parts of the world believe that educating a girl is a mistake. India is at the forefront regarding this problem, and not just because the parents don’t have enough money to educate their daughters. They’re cunning enough to know that if a girl receives education, she wouldn’t want to spend her life in servitude inside a kitchen tending to her husband’s needs. Homemaking is one of the most challenging jobs, and it’s true that a woman does it better than a man because she’s much more organized and dedicated. However, it should never become a shackle to keep her enclosed and enslaved within the house. When a woman turns to homemaking willingly, it becomes an entirely different story, but that doesn’t happen in most instances. Everyone should scrap their attempts to confine women within the walls of their houses in a bid to feed their belief that they hold power and sway over another human being. Women possess talents, just like men. If they receive a chance to undertake the responsibilities of men, they’ll prove their worth. They may even surpass men in those responsibilities.

Society development

Women empowerment won’t just provide women what they deserve. It can play a crucial role in the overall development of society. How can anyone even think that allowing a woman to participate in social development is a mistake? Many women all over the world are causing ripples in numerous fields, including the corporate world, astronomy, medical science, research, sports, education, law enforcement, military, technology, aviation, and everything else you can think of. Apart from the physical differences between a man and a woman, there’s nothing tangible that separates them. They’re the two sides of a coin. Metaphorically, they can’t live without one another. In reality, however, women are exceptionally self-dependent. They can take care of themselves and spend their lives alone. Men, on the other hand, except a handful of organized folks, need someone to “babysit” them when they return home from work. You have to understand and acknowledge the fact that this world and everything in it is for women as much as they are for men.

Final considerations

Unfortunately, these words aren’t going to change the minds of individuals where patriarchal concepts rule. It’s just like a prejudice that keeps the judgment of folks shrouded in the cloak of patriarchy. Also, there are a few people who take it to a level of barbarism. They overpower women, outrage their modesty, hurt them, abuse them, assault them sexually, and indulge in numerous other depravities just because they think a woman’s only deserving spot is beneath a man’s boot. However, times are changing. Education is now much more accessible. Youngsters, both girls, and boys coming from families with a patriarchal mindset are now open-minded and liberal. Indeed, it’s going to be a long journey for women to be able to gain their rights, but until then, active woman empowerment will remain the only vaccine to keep patriarchy in check.

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